Dear Ben and Jerry,

I recently purchased a pint of my favorite flavor -- Chunky Monkey -- Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I placed it in my freezer where it immediately accumulated an icey coating, as my entire freezer iced over.

Several days later, I unplugged my refrigerator -- in an attempt to defrost the freezer. I went over to my friend Linda's house, watched my favorite movie, Pretty in Pink, and ended up spending the night at her place. The next moring, I went to work at the travel agency and afterwards had several margaritas with my ex-boyfreind, Todd. I ddin't feel right about driving home, even though I wasn't drunk because I NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE. I even volunteer for M.A.D.D, although I'm not a mother. So I walked the three miles to my home and, famished, searched th house for food.

As it was 98 degrees outside and no cooler in as I don't have air conditioning, I desired something cold and sweet. I raced to my freezer which was sticky and dripping melted Breyer's Vanilla and A & P Chocolate Mint. However, the Chunky Monkey was, although no longer cold, still solid!! I was ecstatic! Thanks so much for being there! (I'm only buying Ben & Jerry's from now on.


Eliot Cocaine

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