Dear Sun Maid Raisin Person,

After discovering that raisins were less expensive than grapes, and preferring the later, I decided to re-hydrate a container of Sun Maid Raisins to their original form. Soaking the raisins overnight produced, however, only somewhat limp raisins. Neither the original shape nor color was regained. (Unless the grapes were originally the reddish kind -- in which case, the green grapes on the packaging are misleading.)

Even injecting them individually with a syringe produced no results. I was led to the obvious conclusion: something aside from water was removed from the grapes during dehydration. Although producers are only required by law to list the ingredients in their proucts, I believe that it is the responsibility of your company to list the removed components of the grape. Consumers should know what is lacking in raisins -- that special something that I know accounts for the price and taste differential between fresh and dehydrated fruit.


Eliot Cocaine

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